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Refugee and Humanitarian visas

Sub-class 866 Protection (Onshore Protection Visa)

Protection visas such as the 866 visa are designed to give shelter in Australia to people who have been facing significant persecution and harm for their race, religion, imputed political opinion, nationalities and belonging to special social group and the harm must be well established and be real. in their home country, and have fled because of such situations. The 866 visas have a number of requirements, the most important of which is that an applicant must fall into one of the five categories giving rise to a fear of the persecution they would suffer if they returned to their home country. These categories are race, religion, political opinion, nationality or belonging to a particular social group. Alternatively, in some cases people may be accepted as refugees because of Australia’s commitment to not returning people to the home country because of other risks that will face them if they go back.

To be able to apply a person must already be legally in Australia, and they must be able to meet a number of requirements such as health and character. Here at the Agency we help people to assess their circumstances according to the requirements and we will research and submit arguments supporting their application. We have substantial experience in preparing these applications and have also enjoyed very considerable success in helping people to be granted their visa.
Sub-class 200 humanitarian visa

This visa is available for people who outside of Australia and, usually, also outside of their home country. In many cases, applicants will have already been assessed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and have been found to merit refugee status. The UNHCR will then also mandate/refer the individual to countries, for resettlement. At that point we at the Agency can become involved

Our task is to work with you to make sure that all of the other necessary requirements have been met, and that your case is properly prepared and presented. These visas can take time to decide, so good clear representation is something we feel is most important for clients.

This is a permanent visa.
Sub-class 202 Global Humanitarian visa

This visa may be available to people who are outside of their home country, who have and will face violations of their human rights in their home country, and who have ties to Australia (perhaps relatives already living in Australia). It is essential that applicants be able to show the discrimination they have and will suffer, and they must also have someone in Australia to propose their application – the proposer must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, or approved Australian organisation.

This is a permanent visa.
Sub-class 204 Woman at risk

As the name shows, this visa is for a woman (and her dependent family members, if applicable) who has experienced or is danger of experiencing victimisation, persecution or harassment because they are a female. The applicant must be outside of their country and must not have the protection of a male relative. They must also be outside of Australia when they apply and when the visa is granted.

There are special conditions and limitations for women granted this visa, especially with regard to them being able to sponsor a partner within five years of being granted the 204 visa.
The Agency’s broad experience

Our Agency has a very extensive experience in working with people seeking refugee status and acceptance, through participation on many deployments to Christmas Island and through a range of applications on behalf of those who reached Australia as Irregular Maritime Arrivals (arriving by boat unlawfully). We have also handled large numbers of applicants in the various categories described above.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information for Refugee and Protection visas please contact us on: 0882126115 or +61417500027