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Business Visa
Please note - based on our extensive experience in this aspect of people's applications to come to Australia, we would identify business visas as being the most complicated and difficult to manage alone. In our view, business visas need to be prepared and managed by experienced, expert staff because - if an applicant handles their own case and provides misleading information or fails to understand what is required - there is a high probability of not just having the application refused but of losing the thousands of dollars involved in the application process.

The Business Innovation and Investment Program

Initially the Business Innovation and Investment Visa is a provisional (188) visa, for 4 years, that can then allow you to apply for a permanent (888) visa.
The Business Innovation and Investment Visa has five streams:

  • Business Innovation Stream

  • Investor Stream

  • Significant Investor stream

  • Premium Investor Stream

  • Entrepreneur stream

The Business Innovation and Investment Visa allows you to:

  • Own and manage a business in Australia (Business Innovation).

  • Conduct business and investment activity in Australia (Investor, Significant Investor and Premium Investor).

  • Undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia (Entrepreneur).

The Business Talent (132) Visa

The Business Talent Visa allows you to establish a new business, or develop an existing business in Australia, and has two streams:

  1.  Significant Business History: for high calibre business owners or part-owners who want to do business in Australia.

  2.  Venture Capital Entrepreneur: for people who have sourced venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

Sub-class 188A, for business innovation and investment (provisional)

We at the Immigration Resettlement Advisory Network have an excellent success record with preparing, lodging and obtaining business visas for our clients. We are regarded as the most successful and professional agency for business cases in South Australia.

Business visas are normally prepared in two stages – the first application is for the 188 visa (usually in the business innovation and investment category), which provides a provisional visa that lasts for four years and three months. Towards the end of that time, and providing the Australian business is succeeding, an application is made for the 888 visa which gives the right of permanent residency in Australia.

Our role is to assist applicants at each stage of the application processes, making sure that each person meets the requirements placed on them. We will conduct business and market analysis and prepare all the paperwork including business plan and submissions. We guide you through the preparation of financial, personal and related matters, and act on your behalf with the Department to promote your case.

You can find more information on the Innovation / Investment visa at the Department’s website, but we also urge you to contact us if you are seriously considering making this application.

More Departmental information is at:

Sub-class 888, for business innovation and investment (permanent)

As noted above, the 188 visa is for a period up to four years and three months. If your business is going well and you have settled into Australian life, then you become eligible to apply for the permanent 888 visa.

Once again, we are very experienced in the processes of the necessary application, can guide you to prepare the necessary materials, and will prepare the application and submission on your behalf.